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Answers Through Art is my 3rd year final project based on a field research conducted in Palestine. I have organised art classes with Scouts children from Beit Sahour and exhibited their work along several art classes from Handala Center in al-Azza refugee camp.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness on the consequences following the political conflict and to encourage potential volunteers.


She said: Welcome on board!

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As I have taken the risk to  develop thew project in less than 3 weeks, I am happy to announce that things are looking quite bright and I have managed to conclude my research about Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).

Al-Nakba, is the Arabic definition in one word of the ongoing tragedy based on ethnic cleansing. As I have taken advantage of using the group field research trip to undertake an individual project with children I am grateful to see little results coming. My activities there were with children from the Scouts Group of Beit Sahour, one of the wealthiest cities in Palestine. In Beit Sahour, I also meet Karim, an Italian volunteer in the smallest refugee camp named Al-Azza Camp, who later became my partner in organizing the exhibition. Through him I have managed to get in touch with Handala Center, the only center of activities for children in the camp. Karim’s art activities with the children of the camp will complete the work I have done with children from the Scouts Group.

The group of children I have worked with come from normal to wealthy families whereas the children from the camp have to face poverty day by day. The aim or uniting our work is to show that despite the financial situation, children of Palestine are bought up with same ideologies and desire to free Palestine.

Meanwhile, Eva, the protagonist of the following video “welcomed me on board” of Handala Centre and allowing me to work with them,

Please find bellow the presentation of Al-Azza Camp. For any further understanding of what brought this situation please check Al-Jazeera documentaries that I have used as reference or simply read the posts from Al-Nakba category:



Al-Nakba, English P2

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This is part two of the documentary I have mentioned in the previous post. As far as I am concerned, it easy easier to understand and more credible as it refers to the events after WW II when the official ethnic cleansing of Palestine started. The segregation wall and extremely violent acts towards Palestinian citizens are real contemporary consequences of the Zionist movement.

Despite the field research that I have undertaken in West Bank my current qualifications could not back up the credibility of my words, thus I have used the documentary as reference to the information that I will share on the blog.

Again, misinterpretations or errors can be justified by the fact that the information shares in based of personal interpretation. Feedback is always welcomed!

Al-Nakba English P1

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Al-Jazeera documentary presenting what I consider to be of the most detailed explanations and justification of certain acts of the Zionist ethnic cleansing. The story dates since long before 1948, despite of the official start date. The documentary covers significant information, due to which it is divided in 2 parts, each one almost 2 hours long.

This is the first part and comprises historical information about the events that determined the Nakba from 1948, evidence for an earlier start of the ethnic cleansing and the roots of the desire for an independent Jewish state.

Due to its complexity, it served as main source of reference for the platform that I am working to develop towards a better understanding of the current situation in Palestine.

My explanations of the events is based on personal understandings of the documentary, I have avoided the use of official names as much as I considered necessary and reflected the impart of past events on the current situation of the country, situations that I have experimented myself. Thus, this could justify any misunderstandings or errors which are not meant to offend anyone. Feedback is always welcomed!

Last night at the Oscars its wasn’t just Americans who walked away with awards or nominations for the year’s best movies amongst them was the foreign films, one in particular was the first Palestinian film to ever be nominated for best film in a foreign language. Omar a film set in the West Bank encompasses the themes of Love, War and courage this heart touching and fist clenching film was produced with a 95 percent Palestinian cast and was funded by all Palestinian sources this is one of the first steps for Palestine to show the world they can beat whatever has been thrown at them. Although the film was categorized at ‘Palestinian’ it had to be changed to Palestinian territories due to scrutiny from pro Israelis.
“By making a Palestinian movie with crew, money, actors—it’s a step toward independence. You are saying to everybody you can be independent. You deserve to be independent.”


By Zainab Mogul

Palestinian singer is uniting Palestinians everywhere, the singer who is from a refugee camp in one of the most rural parts of Palestine shined on the Palestinian singing show Arab Idol and took home a victory to Palestine. One Palestine described Assaf as “good singer” ….” All of us love him” the support that Assaf received from Palestinians was incredible however this support was not in partnership with other countries as the offer which had been given to Assaf Mohammed to sing at the World Cup has now been refused or even more harshly banned. It has been reported that the Columbian singer Shakira refused to participate in singing in the competition due to this terrible misfortune which Assaf has faced. Assaf quoted “We are searching for our rights, for peace, unity and the end of the occupation and illegal Israeli settlements,” he was quoted as saying in the same piece.

By zainab Mogul