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Final Video

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Answers Through Art is my 3rd year final project based on a field research conducted in Palestine. I have organised art classes with Scouts children from Beit Sahour and exhibited their work along several art classes from Handala Center in al-Azza refugee camp.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness on the consequences following the political conflict and to encourage potential volunteers.


Exhibition Catalog

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Time is running fast and even though Eva and Karim have been always there supporting the project with advice and information, but an extra hand is always useful. Those who are seeking a media career know how important professional experience is, but in the same time how hard is it to obtain relevant skills that will help a candidate to stand out. When I designed this project I has to consider these aspects as well and I tried to implement my objectives as creative as possible. Nevertheless, I’ve understood lately that if things get though from time to time, you should not avoid to ask for help. Thus, to make sure things will be perfectly organised on the day, the project well promoted and details double checked I decided to work with Diana, second year student, looking for professional experience.


dia Diana Sinc studies Media and Communication at Coventry University, currently in her second year, aiming to develop her dream career as a writer. Her open minded views and outgoing personality show passion for beauty and strike towards creative ways of forwarding emotions. During two years of studying media, Diana gathered significant social skills as well as graphic design experience. Even though her dream job is in writing industry she is also interested in event managing, specifically, the organisational section.

Shamefully, I lack in Photoshop skills and I desperately needed someone to help me design the promotional material for the event. Diana, seemed like the perfect candidate and  I was very lucky when she accepted my proposal to participate in constructing the right design for the invitations. From that moment I knew for sure that her professional approach could benefit the project and I invited her to fully participate in organising the event. Few hours later, Diana become the Design Manager and Marketing Assistant of the project for both promoting and organising the exhibition. While I have to deal with the academic aspects, Diana agreed to share the following duties:

1. Design promotional material: flyers, invitations, posters and exhibition catalogues;

2. Social Media promotion: Facebook, Twitter and Event Brit;

3. Organising the venue: designing the gallery;

4. Greeting and registering the guests;

Proof of her amazing work will follow!




Contemporary Nakba

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If we take what is happening now in West Bank, in Gaza Strip could we consider the Israeli army clean and legal as long as they are killing children, old people, women who have nothing to do with the war. Exactly the same happened in 1948, with the same people.

Today,  5mil Palestinians living outside the historical land of Palestine are not allowed to visit their homes. At the same time, another 5mil who live inside historical land of Palestine are subjected to new ways of eviction. The West Bank and The Gaza Strip are separatedIMG_3603 from each other and each part is divided by hundred of checkpoints where Palestinians are forced to wait for hours to undertake humiliating searches designed to degrade.

People are forced to strip naked, part of a psychological war aimed to making Palestinians feel that there is no safety or dignity for them in their own country. Zionist disguised in Arabs who used to perform special operations in 1948 are still doing so nowadays with very little details of the scene changed.

The story is not over, the ethnic cleansing operation continues and the resistance to the ethnic cleansing operation continues.

What is built upon injustice is also unjust. The reclamation of one’s right is not limited by time.

Palestine represents the cause of the Arabs. The target is all the Arabs. The people who had to pay the price of controlling the Arabs were the Palestinians because it was them who were in the way, and those who had to be removed. The result is the current status of the Arab world; the promotion of undemocratic regimes, perpetuation of sectarian feuds, exacerbation of underdevelopment, dominion of the West and lack of control over resources. This is the cause for all Arabs expressed through the displacement of the Palestinian people.

Palestinian people are currently at a crossroad either to prepare to restore Palestine or to accept Palestine is lost which will be followed by the lost of other parts of Arab world.

The Palestinian explosion continued in 1949.

By April 1949,  the gravity of the Nakba, Palestinian catastrophe became very clear. Almost 500 towns and villages were destroyed, 11 cities and 100 other villages that remained intact  were colonized. More than 13,000 Palestinians were killed and more than 30,000 injured and at least 850,000 were expelled from their housed, representing 85% of the population living in the area that had been declared to constitute the state of Israel. In 1949, UN strove to conclude separated truth steels between Israel and each of the surrounding Arab countries.The agreements were drafted with the intention to protect the state of Israel against any future attack. The first agreement was signer in February with Egypt, followed by Lebanon and Jordan. In the agreement with Jordan, a triangle of the Palestinian territory was given away to Israel, it included all the villages on both sides of the road. The territory was officially handed over on May 10 1949. The very next day Israel was admitted a member of the United Nations. Israel was also declared a peaceful state, able and willing to carry out the obligations in the UN agency.

The Arabs delegates at the UN meeting immediately walked out to the hall in protest against the resolution.Israel was extremely ready to use military force.

The Israeli state, divided the remaining 22% of Palestine into two separated parts. Eastern part called The West Bank and The Gaza Strip on the south part.

“Palestine” was erased from history, politics and economics.

The British base structure included the military, security administration and so on was completed by Zionist investments. Thus, the Zionist began to put their own stamp on all this, immediately after the declaration of the Jewish state in Tel-Aviv, all the existing institutions continued to operate in West Jerusalem, whether banking, political or municipal institutions already in place. All the Palestinian population was evicted from the new Jewish territories and Israel became an “instant state”, a state ready made by its indigenous people .

The British did not allow the Arab forces to enter Palestine, until after their departure. On May 15 Arab forces entered the country from the Borders of Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt with declared objective of liberating Palestine. On that day the New York Times headline was:

“Jews in grave danger in all Muslim’s lands”

The Jewish forces, 1947-1948 were far stronger, even far more numerous than the combined Arab armies. Highly prepared, dedicated, well armed, fighting force, superior to all the army forces.  In total, more that 24,000 soldiers entered Palestine from all seven Arab armies which became a tragedy for the Jews as the entire Arab fighting force was gathering together. Still, the Jews were more prepared and more equipped and the Arab armies were unorganized, enough not to prepare and execute opepartions against the Jewish army.  Also, the Zionist had world wide connections, US , Britain as well as Soviet Union, while Palestinians did not had as much relations.

Two days after the Arabs forces entered Palestine, it was Acra’s turn to face the onslaught. Acra was the city that Napoleon wanted to conquer 200 years before for the creation of a new Jewish state. While Zionists were bombing the old city people were waiting for the Arab forces to interfere, but  no one came.

Acra failed and 10,000 inhabitants were left with no houses.