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Al-Nakba, English P2

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

This is part two of the documentary I have mentioned in the previous post. As far as I am concerned, it easy easier to understand and more credible as it refers to the events after WW II when the official ethnic cleansing of Palestine started. The segregation wall and extremely violent acts towards Palestinian citizens are real contemporary consequences of the Zionist movement.

Despite the field research that I have undertaken in West Bank my current qualifications could not back up the credibility of my words, thus I have used the documentary as reference to the information that I will share on the blog.

Again, misinterpretations or errors can be justified by the fact that the information shares in based of personal interpretation. Feedback is always welcomed!


Al-Nakba English P1

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Al-Jazeera documentary presenting what I consider to be of the most detailed explanations and justification of certain acts of the Zionist ethnic cleansing. The story dates since long before 1948, despite of the official start date. The documentary covers significant information, due to which it is divided in 2 parts, each one almost 2 hours long.

This is the first part and comprises historical information about the events that determined the Nakba from 1948, evidence for an earlier start of the ethnic cleansing and the roots of the desire for an independent Jewish state.

Due to its complexity, it served as main source of reference for the platform that I am working to develop towards a better understanding of the current situation in Palestine.

My explanations of the events is based on personal understandings of the documentary, I have avoided the use of official names as much as I considered necessary and reflected the impart of past events on the current situation of the country, situations that I have experimented myself. Thus, this could justify any misunderstandings or errors which are not meant to offend anyone. Feedback is always welcomed!

Ongoing Illegal Acts

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Evicting people from their houses is a war crime;

Preventing them from returning is also a war crime;

As it is the continuation of the first war crime.

templesJerusalem did not only fall in 1948 or in 1967;Jerusalem falls everyday in the face of a systematic policy on Israel#s part and a complete absence of any Arab institutions.

Jerusalem is subject to continuous endeavors for force its identity into a Jewish  and Israeli one, both on the ground and bellow the ground.

When the 2020 plan was put together billions of dollars were allocated for it as it view the city of Jerusalem as the permanent capital of the Hebrew state with an Arab minority that will not exceed 12%. Palestinians made in 2008 up to 35% of the population of Jerusalem .

The 2020 plan looks at the future demography of Jerusalem as it discusses the incorporation of Jewish settlements that are now outside the borders of Jerusalem, but surround it from the ENW and SW.

The aim is to evict the areas where Palestinians are concentrated and include Jewish settlements. The current separation wall alone removed over 125,000 in a single stroke.

Still, signs of repeating the same mistake are quite obvious. Before 1948, the Palestinian leadership was split on the basis of competing families. Nowadays, the Palestinian leadership is split into different parties on the principle of ideological conflicts and disputes regarding jurisdiction and self-interest. In 1948, Palestinians placed their faith in Britain, fighting the Zionist movement and befriending Britain whereas today is just the same thing but with US instead or Britain.

There is a new Nakba taking place, even if it doesn’t have the same features and characteristics of the one in 194. The first one was only in a limited period and very dramatic while the current  Nakba is a very slow process of expulsion and demolition of houses, imprisonment of people. Is it already going on for 40 years, somehow a new version of the same idea of how to cause the Palestinians to leave Palestine.

After the foundation of state of Israel, 150,000 Palestinians both Muslims and Christians remained inside its borders.


There was a decision regarding Nazareth city because of its holiness to Christians and the links some people had with the Vatican. Ben-Gurion himself took a decision when the forces went into Nazareth, that they should not hurt its people. When Nazareth was occupied it hosted thousands of refugees from neighboring villages like Saffuriyyas, Al-Mujaydil, Ma’lul. Most of them stayed there to be safe. But according to Israeli law they were not allowed to go back to their villages and so they became internal refugees inside Israel.

Israel had at least 30 laws that justify the confiscation of land, million of Palestinians are not allowed to visit their birthplaces, not ever to visit their homes. The Palestinians houses owned by Israeli is and ongoing injustice for innocent people.

In 1969 the formal Israeli prime minister told the British newspaper “The Sunday Times” it was not as though there was Palestinian people in Palestine that saw itself as Palestinian people and we can and throw them out and take the country away from them, they did not exist.

“People with not land looked for a land with no people” 

That’s to say that more than a million people that were present in Palestine, with certain history and culture were wither no people or they were not there. How is that possible while 563 Palestinian villages were totally destructed by the Israeli army?

There was a machinery of denial which determined most of the Israeli not to know what happened. A different mechanism was hiding the truth, it was justification. They decided to believe if our parents and grandparents expelled the Palestinians there was a good reason for this and they were thought not to talk about it in public because it embarrasses Israel.

Israel denies that is has committed any crime, but there is a witness in every refugee camp in Palestine.

Today there are more than 5 mil Palestinian refugees, a third of which leave in 58 refugee camps in desperate conditions.

It is terrible to reflect on the fact that Palestine still have the refugee camps that were created in early stages of Nakba.

Withing one year Palestine was out of the memory of Western countries. The complete removal of the country from the map of the world in just one year could not be merely due to the success of the Zionist media. Suddenly, when people were asked about Palestine it was as if they were asked about a myth. Western political intention systematically brain-washed the people of Europe and there was enough material support for this program. The Zionist media and European politicians paved the way to shorten the time taken for people to forget Palestine and for Israel to replace it.

Thought historical documents have already revealed much about the Palestinian Nakba there is still many more classified documents that have not yet been reviled. According to the Israeli agencies all the documents comprising information about Palestine are top secret and against the national interest. They will not be released as long as the issue of refugees and negotiations is in question. Documentation is empowering and it is a required response to other claims as is stays as fabrication of the truth, a distortion of the facts and a neglect of certain eras.

On the level of individual memory, every Palestinian individual who had been expelled from a village or a city knows something about what happened in certain places.

As for a collective memory it is doubtful that people are still aware the catastrophe that happened more than 60 years ago.


Nakba Continued..

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Ethnics cleansing operations continued and enabled the Zionist to take over increasing areas of the territory of Palestine. By the end of July 1948 more than 400,000 Palestinians were expelled from their lands.

The devastated Palestinian villages were everywhere on the road. International help started ti come (UNICEF) and saw how Palestinians people have become impoverished refugees waiting for basic food stuff in long lines to help them survive: flower, sugar and milk.

“It would be a offence against the principle of elementary justice if these innocent victims would be denied their right to return to their homes” 


While Jewish immigrants flew into Palestine and indeed at least offered the threat of permanent replacement of the Arab refugees who have been rooted in the land for centuries.

Though the UN had declared that Jerusalem should be an international zone, there was no reaction when the Israelis occupied 80% of the area of Jerusalem outside the wall of the old city. However, Israel expelled over 30,000 Palestinians from the neighborhoods of what is now known as West Jerusalem. Israel continued its expansion. By December 1948 the number of Palestinian refugees reached over 700,000.

UN responded by adopting resolution 194, stating that refugees who want to return to their lands and live in peace with their neighbors had the right to do so as soon as possible.

All the UN resolutions have been left and not applied, mostly because of the United States.

The commander and chief of the Jordanian army was a British general who had 46 other British officers under his command.The British have concluded a early deal with the Jews, there would be no confrontations between the Jordanian army and Jewish forces. The Arab armies were allowed to protect the remaining Palestinian lands but not to invade any of the Jewish properties of that time. The Jordanian legion was only allowed to go up to nowadays border of West Bank. On July 10, the Jordanian army pulled out of the cities of Lord and Ramla, shortly after, the two cities were bombed from the air and a day later they were stormed by what is now known as the Israeli army.  The next day the Israeli army committed a massacre by killing 170 Palestinians inside the Damsh mosque in the city of Lord. More than 50,000 Palestinians were expelled of their houses. Many died of thirst as they walked for hours under the July summer sun.

Despite the presence of the Arab forces in Palestine, the Israeli army continued to commit massacres. Tantora Village was one of them, they closed all 4 sided of the city, fully surrounding it, so people will not be able to leave. Anyone who would refuse to declare their arms were killed straight away. Palestinian men were taken to the cimitery to be put in lines and beggin digging. As soon as a line finished digging they were shot and felt inside the whole.