Dear Palestine

We are 3 media students from Coventry University, United Kingdom that have decided to face our industry and Re-invent, swap or maybe shape the image of Palestine. We are interested is beauty, we are interested in creative minds and we are interested in youth culture. The omnipresence of the creative industry could never be contested regardless any political issues, borders or any other negative aspects of a society. The mind cannot be stopped and the feelings have to be expressed in order to allow the human to grow. We do not know much about you, but we have seen you work everywhere on the internet. From a significant drawing, to graffiti or paintings, music, talent or just a simple story that you would like to get to know you better. We want to understand your way of thinking and we would love to share your work with the rest of the world.

Our shy, but promising blog is the platform that will help us contest the effects of a mass manipulation performed by a ruled industry. It is our archive comprising information that caught our attention and information that we have research, for which we have added our personal opinions and interpretations. Your creative cities have become a way of challenging a nation throughout the years and the art surrounding it more expressive than any violent activist gesture. Your space created and industry and your practices designed the urban freedom. We are impressed by the way you have keep your identity and you really want to show the world your beauty!

Field Research Outcomes

What have you achieved?
  1. Ethnographic perspectives and analytic procedures developed throughout a personal analysis of several testing situations, from three different points of view (in terms of race and gender) :

–          Ben Gurion Airport check-in/out

–          Check point 300, Bethlehem

–          Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

–          ATG Scouts Groups

–          Hebron

–          Talking to public e.g. Taxi, Shop owners

2.Practical work and support (video and audio):

–          Interview with Amer Shomali (multitasking activist artist)

–          Interview with Mohamed Najem (clarinet musician and lecturer)

–          Speak to local Palestinians in terms of the situation in the country

3.Discussions and analysis based of case studies and scenarios:

–           “Know my country” is and activity we organised with children from Scouts Group in Beit Sahour in order to obtain visual research material from youth perspective.

Outcome: Children have a different way of understanding their own culture and tradition which is contradicting the political definition of Palestine.

–          Attended basketball game at “Catholic Sports Centre” in Bethlehem, where we have analysed the behaviour of a Palestinian majority audience, discussed with the supporters and sponsors of the game.

–          Went to see what young people do to pass time and be active. We went to the football match in the local field

Outcome: Having a sports team is a peaceful way of activism as it promotes independency of the country.

Sports brings the community together from all over the country and unites everyone together as one which is very important for the country

–           “Alternative Tourism Group” deals with people that want to travel to Palestine. As it is a local organisation, the purpose of the meeting was to understand the way a Palestinian community educates new generations.

Outcome: Solidarity, faith and nationalism are the inheritances that create a community in Palestine.

–          “Aida Youth Centre” while we were visiting Aida refugee camp we found the centre that helps youth culture with different events and activities.

Outcome: Palestinian art, music and traditions shared through spectacles by empowering the youth to take leading and creative role in serving the community. It provides the opportunity for those who are unfortunate to travel around due to lack of money which is very important to keep everyone happy

–          “Alternative Information Centre” in Beit Sahour is a local organisation responsible for political, social and cultural cooperation between Israel and Palestine.

Outcome: Gathered information about the role of Palestinians in the conflict and how things can be solved (from a Jewish perspective). Also, Israeli journalist talked about the meaning behind the graffiti around the country.

Did your research go to plan in relation to you project aims and objectives?

Our aims and objectives were based on re-imagining Palestine and presenting a new perspective about the country. To do so, we have decided to concentrate on beauty, art, music, sports and social life of youth culture. We have met several youth organisations, attended different sport events, interviewed artists and took part of social activities.

The plan constructed from UK was the following:

Saturday: Meet the Scouts Group + Attend Concert in Bethlehem

Sunday: Visit Jerusalem + Find Youth Religion Organisations

Monday: Travel to Ramallah + interview Mohamed Najem and Amer Shomali

Tuesday: Visit Aida Refugee Camp + Meet Aida Youth Centre

Wednesday: Travel to Hebron

Our plan was made to concentrate on little but proper analysed, as we did not know what we could find in Palestine. Despite our expectations, but fulfilling our hopes, we have managed to complete our plan and add much more case studies.

How can your field research be integrated in your overall project?

The field research along with the data gathered will constitute our project as previous research was based on the little information available through media. Interviews, case studies, personal experiences will be shared and developed according to the brief requirements.


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