Romanian student at Coventry University, currently “struggling “to finish my degree in Culture, Communication and Media with inclinations towards a Public Relations career.

I am interested in practical work, that challenges both mind and body with ongoing possibilities of improvement. Stagnation will always be something I avoid as I believe opportunities become omnipresent when work and passion define an individual.

My ability to listen carefully and think twice before acting, helped me develop a set of social skills and  significant experience in working with people. We learn something from everyone that passes our lives and I strongly believe that faith in humanity can be restored if people work together.

As part of my degree and professional experience, I have been required to undertake a trip to Palestine/Israel in order to find new perspectives about the country in spite of all the televised information.  Time was short for all the information that lays beyond the media image of a war zone and fights for dominant culture but enough to get to know kindness, solidarity and honest gratitude.  Our project is based on creative industry and Palestinian youth culture regardless any political conflict. My ethical background has been questioned as soon as I arrived in Palestine and had to face an estrangement of everything I knew before. The “culture shock” that I have suffered by seeing the consequences of one of the longest, ongoing conflict in Middle Est between Palestine and Israel awaken a strong desire to make a change. First of all ,to make a change in my life full of “first world problems”, second to encourage new perspectives about Palestine and the most important to help those less fortunate. Due to the ethnic cleansing and goal of erasing Palestine from the map people are forced to leave their houses and find refugees in the “safest” place as possible leading to more and more refugee camps with lowest conditions of living.  Elders stubbornly preserve their tradition, teenagers become full time activists and children are forced to grow to fast. A violent environment can only bring frustration, trauma, lack of self confidence and loss of childhood.

Thus, I have decided to create an independent project based of the fact that children of Palestine need protection, encouragement and support in order to have a normal life. The aim of the campaign is not to raise funds (even though they are always welcomed) but to encourage people for a personal experience by visiting Palestine.  Further information about the current situation, methodology and the events supporting the project will follow on the blog.

As for further information about me, please find attached my CV. Feedback is always welcomed!








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