Building Professional Experience

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Time is running fast and even though Eva and Karim have been always there supporting the project with advice and information, but an extra hand is always useful. Those who are seeking a media career know how important professional experience is, but in the same time how hard is it to obtain relevant skills that will help a candidate to stand out. When I designed this project I has to consider these aspects as well and I tried to implement my objectives as creative as possible. Nevertheless, I’ve understood lately that if things get though from time to time, you should not avoid to ask for help. Thus, to make sure things will be perfectly organised on the day, the project well promoted and details double checked I decided to work with Diana, second year student, looking for professional experience.


dia Diana Sinc studies Media and Communication at Coventry University, currently in her second year, aiming to develop her dream career as a writer. Her open minded views and outgoing personality show passion for beauty and strike towards creative ways of forwarding emotions. During two years of studying media, Diana gathered significant social skills as well as graphic design experience. Even though her dream job is in writing industry she is also interested in event managing, specifically, the organisational section.

Shamefully, I lack in Photoshop skills and I desperately needed someone to help me design the promotional material for the event. Diana, seemed like the perfect candidate and  I was very lucky when she accepted my proposal to participate in constructing the right design for the invitations. From that moment I knew for sure that her professional approach could benefit the project and I invited her to fully participate in organising the event. Few hours later, Diana become the Design Manager and Marketing Assistant of the project for both promoting and organising the exhibition. While I have to deal with the academic aspects, Diana agreed to share the following duties:

1. Design promotional material: flyers, invitations, posters and exhibition catalogues;

2. Social Media promotion: Facebook, Twitter and Event Brit;

3. Organising the venue: designing the gallery;

4. Greeting and registering the guests;

Proof of her amazing work will follow!





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