Top secret documents hide the truth;

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Withing one year Palestine was out of the memory of Western countries. The complete removal of the country from the map of the world in just one year could not be merely due to the success of the Zionist media. Suddenly, when people were asked about Palestine it was as if they were asked about a myth. Western political intention systematically brain-washed the people of Europe and there was enough material support for this program. The Zionist media and European politicians paved the way to shorten the time taken for people to forget Palestine and for Israel to replace it.

Thought historical documents have already revealed much about the Palestinian Nakba there is still many more classified documents that have not yet been reviled. According to the Israeli agencies all the documents comprising information about Palestine are top secret and against the national interest. They will not be released as long as the issue of refugees and negotiations is in question. Documentation is empowering and it is a required response to other claims as is stays as fabrication of the truth, a distortion of the facts and a neglect of certain eras.

On the level of individual memory, every Palestinian individual who had been expelled from a village or a city knows something about what happened in certain places.

As for a collective memory it is doubtful that people are still aware the catastrophe that happened more than 60 years ago.



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