She said: Welcome on board!

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Data Collection

As I have taken the risk to  develop thew project in less than 3 weeks, I am happy to announce that things are looking quite bright and I have managed to conclude my research about Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).

Al-Nakba, is the Arabic definition in one word of the ongoing tragedy based on ethnic cleansing. As I have taken advantage of using the group field research trip to undertake an individual project with children I am grateful to see little results coming. My activities there were with children from the Scouts Group of Beit Sahour, one of the wealthiest cities in Palestine. In Beit Sahour, I also meet Karim, an Italian volunteer in the smallest refugee camp named Al-Azza Camp, who later became my partner in organizing the exhibition. Through him I have managed to get in touch with Handala Center, the only center of activities for children in the camp. Karim’s art activities with the children of the camp will complete the work I have done with children from the Scouts Group.

The group of children I have worked with come from normal to wealthy families whereas the children from the camp have to face poverty day by day. The aim or uniting our work is to show that despite the financial situation, children of Palestine are bought up with same ideologies and desire to free Palestine.

Meanwhile, Eva, the protagonist of the following video “welcomed me on board” of Handala Centre and allowing me to work with them,

Please find bellow the presentation of Al-Azza Camp. For any further understanding of what brought this situation please check Al-Jazeera documentaries that I have used as reference or simply read the posts from Al-Nakba category:




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