“People without a land for a land without people”

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba
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After the foundation of state of Israel, 150,000 Palestinians both Muslims and Christians remained inside its borders.


There was a decision regarding Nazareth city because of its holiness to Christians and the links some people had with the Vatican. Ben-Gurion himself took a decision when the forces went into Nazareth, that they should not hurt its people. When Nazareth was occupied it hosted thousands of refugees from neighboring villages like Saffuriyyas, Al-Mujaydil, Ma’lul. Most of them stayed there to be safe. But according to Israeli law they were not allowed to go back to their villages and so they became internal refugees inside Israel.

Israel had at least 30 laws that justify the confiscation of land, million of Palestinians are not allowed to visit their birthplaces, not ever to visit their homes. The Palestinians houses owned by Israeli is and ongoing injustice for innocent people.

In 1969 the formal Israeli prime minister told the British newspaper “The Sunday Times” it was not as though there was Palestinian people in Palestine that saw itself as Palestinian people and we can and throw them out and take the country away from them, they did not exist.

“People with not land looked for a land with no people” 

That’s to say that more than a million people that were present in Palestine, with certain history and culture were wither no people or they were not there. How is that possible while 563 Palestinian villages were totally destructed by the Israeli army?

There was a machinery of denial which determined most of the Israeli not to know what happened. A different mechanism was hiding the truth, it was justification. They decided to believe if our parents and grandparents expelled the Palestinians there was a good reason for this and they were thought not to talk about it in public because it embarrasses Israel.

Israel denies that is has committed any crime, but there is a witness in every refugee camp in Palestine.

Today there are more than 5 mil Palestinian refugees, a third of which leave in 58 refugee camps in desperate conditions.

It is terrible to reflect on the fact that Palestine still have the refugee camps that were created in early stages of Nakba.


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