Palestine erased from history, politics and economics -1949

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Palestinian explosion continued in 1949.

By April 1949,  the gravity of the Nakba, Palestinian catastrophe became very clear. Almost 500 towns and villages were destroyed, 11 cities and 100 other villages that remained intact  were colonized. More than 13,000 Palestinians were killed and more than 30,000 injured and at least 850,000 were expelled from their housed, representing 85% of the population living in the area that had been declared to constitute the state of Israel. In 1949, UN strove to conclude separated truth steels between Israel and each of the surrounding Arab countries.The agreements were drafted with the intention to protect the state of Israel against any future attack. The first agreement was signer in February with Egypt, followed by Lebanon and Jordan. In the agreement with Jordan, a triangle of the Palestinian territory was given away to Israel, it included all the villages on both sides of the road. The territory was officially handed over on May 10 1949. The very next day Israel was admitted a member of the United Nations. Israel was also declared a peaceful state, able and willing to carry out the obligations in the UN agency.

The Arabs delegates at the UN meeting immediately walked out to the hall in protest against the resolution.Israel was extremely ready to use military force.

The Israeli state, divided the remaining 22% of Palestine into two separated parts. Eastern part called The West Bank and The Gaza Strip on the south part.

“Palestine” was erased from history, politics and economics.


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