Ongoing Illegal Acts

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Evicting people from their houses is a war crime;

Preventing them from returning is also a war crime;

As it is the continuation of the first war crime.

templesJerusalem did not only fall in 1948 or in 1967;Jerusalem falls everyday in the face of a systematic policy on Israel#s part and a complete absence of any Arab institutions.

Jerusalem is subject to continuous endeavors for force its identity into a Jewish  and Israeli one, both on the ground and bellow the ground.

When the 2020 plan was put together billions of dollars were allocated for it as it view the city of Jerusalem as the permanent capital of the Hebrew state with an Arab minority that will not exceed 12%. Palestinians made in 2008 up to 35% of the population of Jerusalem .

The 2020 plan looks at the future demography of Jerusalem as it discusses the incorporation of Jewish settlements that are now outside the borders of Jerusalem, but surround it from the ENW and SW.

The aim is to evict the areas where Palestinians are concentrated and include Jewish settlements. The current separation wall alone removed over 125,000 in a single stroke.

Still, signs of repeating the same mistake are quite obvious. Before 1948, the Palestinian leadership was split on the basis of competing families. Nowadays, the Palestinian leadership is split into different parties on the principle of ideological conflicts and disputes regarding jurisdiction and self-interest. In 1948, Palestinians placed their faith in Britain, fighting the Zionist movement and befriending Britain whereas today is just the same thing but with US instead or Britain.

There is a new Nakba taking place, even if it doesn’t have the same features and characteristics of the one in 194. The first one was only in a limited period and very dramatic while the current  Nakba is a very slow process of expulsion and demolition of houses, imprisonment of people. Is it already going on for 40 years, somehow a new version of the same idea of how to cause the Palestinians to leave Palestine.


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