Keep calm.. worse will follow; Massacre after massacre; 1948

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

The commander and chief of the Jordanian army was a British general who had 46 other British officers under his command.The British have concluded a early deal with the Jews, there would be no confrontations between the Jordanian army and Jewish forces. The Arab armies were allowed to protect the remaining Palestinian lands but not to invade any of the Jewish properties of that time. The Jordanian legion was only allowed to go up to nowadays border of West Bank. On July 10, the Jordanian army pulled out of the cities of Lord and Ramla, shortly after, the two cities were bombed from the air and a day later they were stormed by what is now known as the Israeli army.  The next day the Israeli army committed a massacre by killing 170 Palestinians inside the Damsh mosque in the city of Lord. More than 50,000 Palestinians were expelled of their houses. Many died of thirst as they walked for hours under the July summer sun.

Despite the presence of the Arab forces in Palestine, the Israeli army continued to commit massacres. Tantora Village was one of them, they closed all 4 sided of the city, fully surrounding it, so people will not be able to leave. Anyone who would refuse to declare their arms were killed straight away. Palestinian men were taken to the cimitery to be put in lines and beggin digging. As soon as a line finished digging they were shot and felt inside the whole.


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