“Jews in grave danger in all Muslim’s lands”

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

The British base structure included the military, security administration and so on was completed by Zionist investments. Thus, the Zionist began to put their own stamp on all this, immediately after the declaration of the Jewish state in Tel-Aviv, all the existing institutions continued to operate in West Jerusalem, whether banking, political or municipal institutions already in place. All the Palestinian population was evicted from the new Jewish territories and Israel became an “instant state”, a state ready made by its indigenous people .

The British did not allow the Arab forces to enter Palestine, until after their departure. On May 15 Arab forces entered the country from the Borders of Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt with declared objective of liberating Palestine. On that day the New York Times headline was:

“Jews in grave danger in all Muslim’s lands”

The Jewish forces, 1947-1948 were far stronger, even far more numerous than the combined Arab armies. Highly prepared, dedicated, well armed, fighting force, superior to all the army forces.  In total, more that 24,000 soldiers entered Palestine from all seven Arab armies which became a tragedy for the Jews as the entire Arab fighting force was gathering together. Still, the Jews were more prepared and more equipped and the Arab armies were unorganized, enough not to prepare and execute opepartions against the Jewish army.  Also, the Zionist had world wide connections, US , Britain as well as Soviet Union, while Palestinians did not had as much relations.

Two days after the Arabs forces entered Palestine, it was Acra’s turn to face the onslaught. Acra was the city that Napoleon wanted to conquer 200 years before for the creation of a new Jewish state. While Zionists were bombing the old city people were waiting for the Arab forces to interfere, but  no one came.

Acra failed and 10,000 inhabitants were left with no houses.



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