Contemporary Nakba

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

If we take what is happening now in West Bank, in Gaza Strip could we consider the Israeli army clean and legal as long as they are killing children, old people, women who have nothing to do with the war. Exactly the same happened in 1948, with the same people.

Today,  5mil Palestinians living outside the historical land of Palestine are not allowed to visit their homes. At the same time, another 5mil who live inside historical land of Palestine are subjected to new ways of eviction. The West Bank and The Gaza Strip are separatedIMG_3603 from each other and each part is divided by hundred of checkpoints where Palestinians are forced to wait for hours to undertake humiliating searches designed to degrade.

People are forced to strip naked, part of a psychological war aimed to making Palestinians feel that there is no safety or dignity for them in their own country. Zionist disguised in Arabs who used to perform special operations in 1948 are still doing so nowadays with very little details of the scene changed.

The story is not over, the ethnic cleansing operation continues and the resistance to the ethnic cleansing operation continues.

What is built upon injustice is also unjust. The reclamation of one’s right is not limited by time.

Palestine represents the cause of the Arabs. The target is all the Arabs. The people who had to pay the price of controlling the Arabs were the Palestinians because it was them who were in the way, and those who had to be removed. The result is the current status of the Arab world; the promotion of undemocratic regimes, perpetuation of sectarian feuds, exacerbation of underdevelopment, dominion of the West and lack of control over resources. This is the cause for all Arabs expressed through the displacement of the Palestinian people.

Palestinian people are currently at a crossroad either to prepare to restore Palestine or to accept Palestine is lost which will be followed by the lost of other parts of Arab world.


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