Al-Nakba English P1

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Al-Jazeera documentary presenting what I consider to be of the most detailed explanations and justification of certain acts of the Zionist ethnic cleansing. The story dates since long before 1948, despite of the official start date. The documentary covers significant information, due to which it is divided in 2 parts, each one almost 2 hours long.

This is the first part and comprises historical information about the events that determined the Nakba from 1948, evidence for an earlier start of the ethnic cleansing and the roots of the desire for an independent Jewish state.

Due to its complexity, it served as main source of reference for the platform that I am working to develop towards a better understanding of the current situation in Palestine.

My explanations of the events is based on personal understandings of the documentary, I have avoided the use of official names as much as I considered necessary and reflected the impart of past events on the current situation of the country, situations that I have experimented myself. Thus, this could justify any misunderstandings or errors which are not meant to offend anyone. Feedback is always welcomed!


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