Village by village; Death by death – 1948

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Al-Nakba

As they were expending their operation towards other villages they were going beyond the boundaries of the partition made by UN slowly starting a revolution. One the first village was Deir Yassin.

The British troupes were there to safe guard the people, but the commander in Haifa gave specific intructions of not getting involved in any activity at all. They might not have been happy about the operation carried by Israelis, they felt useless.The British army started pulling out a month before the date sate for the end of the mandate. As soon as they have departed, the Zionist forces took over. Before they left, British army, left their weapons, their armoured vehicles, tanks while the government have 2,700 buildings, 50 train stations, 3000 km of pavated road, several sea ports and 37 military camp, some full of weapons and spare parts.

Tiberia’s turn came  on April 16, 1948, when British forces in the city urged people to leave. Some left, but many stayed to defend the city which were all killed when the Zionist troupes arrived. The British army completed its withdrawal from the Tiberias on April 18 after forcing out 5000 Palestinians. The Zionists took it easily the following day. In Haifa the British army completed its withdrawal at noon April 24, followed by a storm of 5000 fighters ready to take over the land. They were 500, unarmed Palestinian fighters defending the city from which 60 were killed and the rest of them withdrew in the next 2 days.


5000 Arabs were evicted from Haifa. Jaffa, had the same situation and the situation was extremely tough because it was right next to Tel-Aviv. The movement was led by a woman commanding volunteers there.

During the last week of April, the bombing of Jaffa intensified, 70,000 of its inhabitants were transferred to Lebanon, East Palestine and Jordan.  The Zionist forces held all Palestinian males between the ages of 10 and 50 in temporary detention camp. They executes some of them at the spot to terrify the rest, then transferred them to central detention camps.  They were forced to berry thousands of Palestinian corpses to prevent the spreading of epidemics. Also, they were forced to transfer the goods from Arabs homes to the Zionists. They had a specific strategy by surrounding the villages and living the North direction always opened so Palestinians could understand that was the only  way out.  The same technique was used to direct refugees to Syria as well as Jordan Valley.

This is how the refugee crisis was created by Israeli military institution.



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