Death as an example; Run for your life – 1948

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Al-Nakba

It happened many times that the Israeli soldiers gather ten of the youngsters in the middle of the village, shoot them just to show and example for people to run away. If they wouldn’t , the same procedure would be repeated.

The Palestinians left in the expectation of triumphal  return, an other variant of this version is that the Palestinians left in order to allow the leaders to clear the debts for the invaders as after the grate Arab victory they will be able to return to their homes.

This is the traditional Zionist version, completely untrue as there are massive amounts of evidences to contradict this version. Half of the Palestinians who already became refugees were already expelled from their houses by May 1948. So, from 530 Palestinian villages that were destroyed in the same year, most of them were demolished already,people could not go back to leave there anymore.

Ethnic cleansing is an ideology to get rid of one ethnic group and its culture from the place where it leaves. The second stage of ethnic cleansing is to erase the people from the place’s history, memory and to make sure they will never come back. The new history was writing that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine  took place in the last half of 1948, when the real catastrophe started in the first half of the year.



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