Expansion beyond the boundaries – 1948

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Al-Nakba

With the British army still present in some territories, the Zionist army took control of five major cities in North-East Palestine and destroyed hundreds of villages followed by dozen of massacres and forced more than 350,000 Palestinians off their land. May 15, 1948, the date originally appointed for the end of the British Mandate, posed a problem because it happened to be on a Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, therefore the Jewish agency sent out invitations to the celebration event of the new Jewish state on Friday, May 14, that the Tev-Aviv museum.

The British army had to advance their withdrawal with 24 hours, everybody was supposed to be ready to go.After three decades the document was signed and terminated. During this time the British have achieved for the Zionist what the Zionist could have never dreamed of achieving on their own.

When the British occupied Palestine in 1917 the number of Jews was 50,000 and when the mandate was over they left ten times more.  The event was named “The Declaration of independence” as the state of Israel has existed before.

The declaration was signed by the Zionist leaders, the flag of Israel was raised, the very same flag that had been raised at the settlement in 1885.



They knew there was no finality about the borders than. They knew that opportunities will arise and to course to take the rest of it, so they did in 1967.

Minutes later, the text of the American document that recognizes the existence of a new Jewish state was amended to become the recognition of a state called Israel.


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