They had no mercy; Deir Yasin -1948

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Al-Nakba

A small group of Zionist leaders and military commanders used to meet regularly to discuss weather they should or should take over Palestine by ethnic cleansing as after every meeting they were convinced it was the only was towards and Independence state. So it was not decided in one day.

In the beginning of 1948 they were two bombings, one after the other in Jaffa and in Jerusalem. During the first three months of 1948 the Zionists were responsible for dozens of bombings in Palestinian cities and villages along individual killings on the road by special organizations of Zionist disguised as Arabs.

The Zionist forces targeted five villages to do an experiment to see how would the ethnic cleansing work and they expelled habitants the villages under the eyes of the British soldiers who were still there. They found out that it is quite easy, that it did not take much, there was not much resistance and the British did not interfered. While Palestinians were trying to defend their villages, without co-ordination with other villages or any kind or plan they had no chance.

In Tel Aviv on 10th March was a decisive day for the Haganah command, as the meetings concluded the final details of how to expel Palestinians from their houses.

The Arab and Palestinian fighters were determined to defend their land despite their very limited means. They have also tried to obtain more weapons. Some of the questions are why did Palestinians not have more weapons? or how did the Jews succeed? 

The Jews of the world supported the Zionist movement while the Arabs make a lot of promised but did very little. Instead of uniting the little forces that were there it was decided the each of the leading commanders would have their own operation, there was no co-ordination and that helped the Zionist side.

After significant deaths in the battle, on 9th of April Zionist proceeded with a new movement with the aim of expelling Palestinians from the villages. The massacre of Deir Yassin still brings harsh feelings today, as by noon, the Zionist have slaughtered 150 Palestinians.





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