What happened with the Christian Arabs?

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

One interesting aspect about the Arab culture in Palestine still dates even today and is to be recognized by two different religions that managed to find enough common points to share and leave peacefully on the same land for thousands of years. There is an interesting combination of attitudes towards both cultures and even though they are not opposing each other they are significantly different.

As a Christian Orthodox I was impressed by how things are organised in Palestinian cities where you hear the Islamic call for prayer and moments after the bells of the Christian church. Also, as a field researched my ethnic background served at analyzing different contacts and interactions with other people, but this will be explained more in detail in the methodological aspect of the project.

While the British elite along with the Zionist organisations were ready to evict and to fight against Arab Muslims, they have completely forgotten or not taken in consideration the Christian Arabs.

The presence of Orthodox Arabs in Middle East caused an enormous dilemma as it was strange for the stereotypical Islamic Middle East image around the world. Further more, Zionism concept was based of creating and independent land for Jews and promoting values of Judaism, hence it was a nation based of theological identity. On the other hand, Arabs managed to preserve their religious identity but in the same time to find a common identity that united and formed people of Palestine : national identity.

As a result, the British colonials and Zionist organisations have completely ignored the presence of Christians in Palestine.




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