The Dancer Death – 1938

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Palestinian press was also existing at that time but there is very little information about it as the Zionist propaganda erased as much as possible. “The Dancer Death” is a cartoon published in Palestinian press with strong meanings behind the image printed. Information about the picture can be find the Al Jazeera documentary posted at in this category, as I could not find any sight of it online.

The cartoon shows several Zionist leaders dancing on human skull and sends a message regarding the action of building an Empire on human skeletons. While British were disarming Palestinians they allowed Jews to carry arms justifying their actions with the fact that they are minority and they need to defend themselves.

1938 – First time the Jew minority along Zionist organisations exploded bombs in buses and markets for three consecutive days ( Haifa and Jerusalem)


King David Hotel, Jerusalem

People defines Zionism with violence both before and after the establishment of the state. British, did not only turned a blind eye to Jewish army but they also trained and supported the financially. As a result, Palestinian revolutionary were murdered during night rates in their villages.


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