Steps towards an Empire – 1939

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Slowly, the Palestinian “army” was degrading but they were still resisting. Units of self-sufficient have been formed and based in small villages. The condition was to work on maximum discretion, but without an official leadership people were far from understanding the real situation.

The British authorities kept records of all Palestinians with patriotic tendencies, as from a British perspective they were trouble makers. Even though the Zionist plan was to eliminate only those with arms, as they represent real dancer far enough to maltreat people without any mercy. People were tortured, men were burned and forced to walk on burning coal or cactus plants, they were left to starve all of it with the aim of killing the moral of the country.

In the years of revolution 1936-1939, 5000 Palestinians were killed, 14,000 wounded, 100 British and 400 Jews killed. This left severe consequences for Palestinian future as most of the men fighting were between 18-40 years old.

All the Palestinian participants were either killed, wounded or expelled so there would be no generation that form an army to resist the Zionists in 1940s. There were no Palestinian institutions left, no activists, but only a severe depressed society both military and politically. The leadership being in exile did not bring too much help either, especially in the coming years.

The battle was lost in 1939 when Britain smashed to the ground all the Arab revolt and forces.

A congress for both Zionists and Arabs came right after the end of the revolution where Palestinian were facing the Zionist delegates surrounded by rich and powerful Jews around the world. This means that Palestine when to negotiate with the main ally of their enemy, what was left of their rights.



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