Spirit Of Rebellion – 1936

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

In 1936, the Arab Higher Committee was formed to fight against the leadership and to force the British Mandate to implement civil rights for the non-Jewish population of Palestine. An amazing solidarity determined a national strike until the Zionist movement was reanalyzed and essential changes were to be done.

The strikes in 1936 is one of the greatest strikes in Palestinian history. All the country went on strike as that became the climax of a long struggle against the mandate and British admiration towards Jews.

As a result, the strike shocked British authorities that were “forced” to undertake harsh actions arresting anyone suspected of working with revolutionary, followed by completely destroying their houses. More than 200 houses bombed in Jaffa, were to be followed by many others.


The British insisted the acts were justified as a mean of defense and to end the revolt, but brutal aggression, bombing and settling check points on the road proved the contrary. Unfortunately, all this “means of defense” are still existing in contemporary Palestine.


    David Ben Gurion

During the Palestinian strike, David Ben-Gurion, the head of Jewish Agency, discussed the possibility of expelling all the Palestinians from Jewish settlements with a prompt reply saying it was a good idea. While the alliance between Britain and Zionist growing day by day, during six months of strike 195 Palestinians were killed and more than 800 wounded. later, the leaders of Palestinian strike asked the revolutionaries to end their revolt and stated the British organisation had “good intentions”

The “good intentions” are still discussed with the UN, where American and European initiatives argue that Palestine should give the West a chance to prove their good intentions. This was like more than 70 years have not been enough already to show that no good intentions will come from the West.

In 1937, Palestinians leaders agreed to meet the British Governors for the first official of Palestine.

The Zionist were happy with the Peel Committee Report because it was based on transferring people from one territory to another based on nationality and religion. For them, the transfer would lead to a 100% Jewish state with the legitimization of the British Mandate.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine has been planned for decades and based on the idea of a land without people for people without land.

1936-1937  British killed 1000 Palestinians along 37 British and several Jews;

1937  The Palestinian Leadership was exiled to Lebanon;

1938 Palestinian children in schools learned that the borders of Palestine were Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Trans-Jordan and Mediterranean sea, but in 10 years everything would change.

The Palestinian revolution persisted despite the lack of political leaders and forced the British army to bring 20,000 men to reinforce the troupes. No mercy and no efforts were spared to disarm the Palestinian people and search for weapons was very intense. For a single empty cartage found in front of the house they would humiliate the people and blow the entire house.

The reaction of British authorities was very violent and they created concentration camps in which they used to put citizens for detention.

Still, the future was to bring so much more..


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