Haganah Army; World War II

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

A year after the start of WW II, with the cooperation of the Jewish agency, 50,000 Jews joined the British army. The Jewish military became an army with its own air force with many Jews playing leading roles in 1948, all serving in the British army. Thus, in 1948 thousand of Jews were organised, trained fact that left behind the Palestinians as they had no military force.

Meanwhile in Palestine, an unusually smart operation was taking place. The first stage of the operation was to collect all the materials in every village in Palestine which could give accurate information about the land and culture. Arabs hospitality was being exploited and information about every single detail of the villages was filled. The information was referring to how good it would be to take it over, quality of the land, how rich people are and so on. The immigration continued and many Jews have decided to come to Israel illegally facts which lead to several weaknesses in Zionism-British relationship. Jews had to find a solution and in 1942 a Zionist meeting decided to ally with United States instead of Britain. US was declared world leader while Britain was slowly decaying facts which encouraged Jews to depend even more on US by using Zionist propaganda and capital.

America offer support to Zionist organisations towards eviction of Palestinians and taking the land,forcing British to leave Palestine and international protection for Jews through the Holocaust in Europe. An approval for immigration of 100,000 Jews followed.


In 1945, Haganah Army decided to speed the process of taking the Brits out of Palestine, supported financially by Jews in America that paid for an arm manufacturing machinery so Haganah was able to produce their own weapons. Several terrorists attacks have followed and determined Britain to evacuate British citizens from Palestine.

169 British and 37 Jews were killed.


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