Brits arrive to Palestine

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba


With no moral or political right to promise a land that already belonged to Arabs to a different nation the actions of The Balfour Declaration(1917) became both immoral and illegal. Several days after, British army occupied Jerusalem along with one of the first Jewish military unit. On that time the Jewish population was representing 10% of the total population of Palestine.

In 1919, before The Peace Talk in France, USA sent a representative committee to report the current situation of Palestine, who later sent a reply confirming a strong disagreement of the Arab site towards the procedures of implementing a new Jewish state.

“It is important to remember that the non Jewish population of Palestine is strongly against the entire Zionist process”

As at least a number of 50,000 Jewish soldiers would be required to fulfill the project the action should be given up.

On the other hand, the second generation of Jewish people have been raised in an Arabs environment, creating good relationships with the Arab culture in order to gather enough political information to confirm any rumor of a potential Palestinian attack. Thus, Palestinians were always kept under surveillance on one way or another. 

downloadFew years later (1920) the first British Governor for Palestine, Hervert Samuel has been elected and sent to Palestine to implement what he proposed 5 years earlier and to prepare Palestine to become a Jewish state. The second clause of the British Mandate, approved by the League of Nation stimulated that the British Mandatory should be responsible for placing the country a political position with administrative institutions and economic conditions that will secure the establishment of Jewish National Home. On his first day on the job Samuel made Hebrew one of the official language alongside Arabic and English .

Herbert Samuel was responsible for the legal creation of Israel under British Mandate by enacting at least a hundred separate legislative items to ensure the Arab lands will pass into Israeli hands and he permitted the establishment of a separate Jewish educational system, independent of Palestinian Government. The Jews also laid foundations of their own Ministry of Energy and significant steps towards independence were taken day by day.Nevertheless, the crucial British accomplishment was allowing the Zionist to have their own army (1920). Britain represented the only platform and encouragement of immigration of Jews to Palestine, as getting Jews into Palestine was the first crucial battle of the beginning of Al-Nakba. While everything was happening in front of Palestinian’s eyes many had failed to interpret correctly what was to happen.

As Britain sided with the Jews increasing numbers of Palestinian farmers expelled from farm lands began to form revolutionary groups in the rural area. In 1921 large demonstrations against the Jewish immigration were hold and several attempts to discuss the allegations with the British leadership have failed. Any “secret” meetings of different Palestinian committees would be delivered within hours to the Jews.

On the ground work continued to achieve the objectives of the British Mandate, with reports that set up the achievements in 1925. More than 30,000 Jews were granted Palestinian nationality completed by 30 new settlements. And several institutions were inaugurated with official guests. On the other hand, Palestinians faced the arrival of the elite (Belfours)  with protests and black flags, symbol of the misfortune they were bringing along.

While Palestinian were protesting Samuel was being awarded for the completion of the first face towards an independent Jewish state.

Land of Israel on a map of Palestine


During the first 10 years of the British Mandate the number of Jews in Palestine tripled  and reached 175.000, enough to make Zionist around the world proud of their achievements.

In 1931, at the Zionist Movement Dinner Party, London David Lloyd, British Prime minister promised to continue the strive for Palestinian lands.

While Palestine was flowing with plants dense enough not to be able to walk through them, fresh atmosphere of cocked vegetables the rest of the world was announced there is a land without people for people without a land.  



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