Beginning of Arab ethnic cleansing; 1947

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Most Palestinians were not aware at that time that they were about to become victims of ethnic cleansing. After 30 years of the British mandate in Palestine, Britain found a way out of its when UN discusses the partition of Palestine.

In the first map of the land Jews own not more than 5,5% of the country, however the united nations revolution granted half of Palestine, by making the establishment of an Arab state impossible while Jaffa and Gaza were separated by their cultural areas. The US later made those resolutions reality and paid for it through bribery and pressure on member state representatives. Some former UN envoys, like those from Liberia, the Philippines and Guatemala, have admitted in their memoirs that the US put pressure on them or their countries to vote the resolution instead of abstaining or voting with the Arabs. Arab papers listed the countries that supported the UN partition plan and demonstrated against the resolution. Is was considered impossible for an already existing nation to share and give up more than half of the country for a minority population of settlers. But the event provided Israel with international legitimacy, still they never cared for the borders and never stopped them from thinking how to destroy Palestinians. They wanted to lay down the principle of a Jewish state first, then, after the principle was accepted by the international community to start to work on details. So the policy of transferring the Palestinians was a direct result of the idea of a Jewish state in a place with no Jewish majority on the ground. After the partition resolution, Britain announced that it was to end its mandate in Palestine on 15th May, 1948.

The Arab league decided to prepare the Palestinians for an armed struggle by training 3000 volunteers in Syria. Arab countries were ready to take upon themselves the liberation of Palestine.

Palestinians began to organize committed for self-defense. By the end of 1947 they sent groups to acquire weapons and get military training.

By the beginning of 1948, despite the presence of the British authorities in Palestine the Jewish agency was in practice in military and administrative control of Palestine. The Jewish Hagadah became an army with 35,000 soldiers plus 10,000 more in commando units.


On the other side only 2,500 Palestinian revolutionary fighters were remain after the British authorities smashed the Palestinian revolutionary as well as 4,000 Arab and Palestinians volunteers, called as “The Rescue Army” came into Palestine in groups. This meant each Palestinian fighter with his weapon had to face six, well trained Jews with up to date arms including air force. When the British were asked about the military situation after the pull out of the British forces they said “ The Haganah will take over all Palestine”, they could hold it against the entire Arab World. 


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