Based on propaganda-1933;

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Palestinians refused to accept the occupation and hard times were to follow. Public protests became more and more intensified in Palestine and British authorities more and more challenged.

The lack of power and organisation was obvious as British authorities crack down on demonstrations, arrested thousands, many killed and wounded. Despite Palestinian’s optimistic desires of creating a peaceful relationship with Britain, no one was willing to response to any of the Palestinian requests. Further more, the West refused to view Palestinians as a national identity that deserves any rights, while treating Jewish agencies as the main representatives of the national movement. As a result, this led to further deterioration of the political situation and inevitable clashed towards any agreements with Britain.

Very little evidence is available from those events, especially of the consequences of Palestinian revolt. They are no where to be found, no archives kept and no video tape while worldwide cameras were documenting and promoting every Zionist and British activity.

In 1930, Tel-Aviv raised the first official Israeli flag declaring the victory while evictions and settlements continued everywhere around Palestine.


The lands of Palestine were gradually lost by the implementation of the Balfour Declaration, while British turned a blind eye and became extremely harsh and aggressive towards Arabs. The laws of those times still apply today promoted brutal oppression, arbitrary arrests and forced exile of Palestinian people


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