British Involvement; The Nakba before the Nakba

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Al-Nakba

Once upon a time there was a land at the crossroad of 2 continents hosting the 3 basic religions of human kind. Despite the different religious heritages, Palestine was an Arab state for more than two thousand years, facts contested from the last two centuries.

Al-Nakba stands for catastrophe in Arabic and despite its official existence from 1948, Nakba dates for at several decades before. The ultimate dream of a Jewish independent state was to be accomplished by Napoleon who bravery went to battle for the Jews around the world. He was defeated but his concept was not yet to die but to be transmitted from generation to generation up to date. His idea was revived 40 years later by the British Empire who considered it was about time to open the borders for Jews. That was back in 1840 when only 3,000 Jews were living in Palestine and highly supported by Baron Edmund Rothschild.  He visited Palestine on 4 occasions to explore investment opportunities and spent over 40mil Franks to open the first 30 Jewish settlements. In 1885 the term “Zionist” is becoming more a more popular as it was to become the symbol of a new, strong and independent nation, with a name carefully chosen according to Mount Zio, a hill in Jerusalem. The aim of Zionism, was settlement in Palestine. While the Jews of Europe were dreaming of immigrating to America, two eminent Rabbis were sent to visit the what was known as empty land of Palestine and sent back a metaphoric report defined by the statement:

“The bride is beautiful, but it is married to another man”

Even though it was very easy to understand Palestine has never been an empty country, what will follow stands as indifference towards this aspect.

The following year, the first Zionist Congress adopted a program for the establishment of the home state by securing significant interests of the leading states of that time. Straight after Britain declared the interest when the government announced it would be important to establish a state closed to the point where the Mediterranean was meeting with the Red Sea. Thus, this forced hostile will increase benefits within Middle East and Europe by referring to Europe’s preference of being closed to Jews than to Arabs.

In 1907, one of the British Zionist organization member visited Palestine to invest in a company to secure lands from Palestine, fully supported by the Rothschilds to systematically purchase lands in the country. Within three years a major deal was reached when the Jewish National Fund Bought enough land to support the eviction of tens of thousands of Arabs from their home. Over 60,000 Palestinians in Marj Ben Amer area were forced to leave.

“If the Nakba signifies the expulsion of the Palestinian citizen from his homeland and seizing hid land by force , than Nakba began decades before 1948”

This was to become a more drastic form of colonialism, nothing to be compared with the classic European colonialism as it involved not only colonizing the country but also evicting the population. For very early movements, Zionist targeted Palestine for the right place to gain independence and status and it was clear that they were Palestinians on the land. Still, their concept was based on getting used to the idea that the only way to achieve they goal was to literally causing Palestinians to leave.

As a result, Palestinian farmers were suddenly replaced by European Jews or Jews from Yemen. For such a powerful movement, the Zionist created an organization meant to protect the new Jewish settlements (1909, Jewish Defense – Hashomer). Demonstrations of recognizing Hebrew as an official language have followed and this emphasized the “Nakba” that will follow. The Arabs and Palestinians were aware of the concept of Zionism from day one and so it as a racist movement seeking capital to colonize land, exploit religion and culture to create a homeland for the remaining Jews of the world as it would give them identity and political future.

The source of this information is based on what I consider to be one of the most detailed documentaries about the Palestinian Nakba, by Al-Jazeera, and the information write above is relying on personal understandings of Alnakba English P1.





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