Title of the final project:  A child’s message

Brief Description of the project: “Artivism“ Exhibition

Theoretical/Methodological positions adopted:

Young children drawing: the significance of the context, Kathy Ring

“On the relation between ‘visual research methods

Resources to be utilised:

Access to professional equipment:  Cameras – Canon 700D x 3, projector;

Access to exhibition gallery

Access to printed materials posters, fliers, invitations and drawings;

Access to press.

 Availability of resources:

Networking access to professional equipment via Coventry University support;

Booking exhibition gallery via Graham Southerland Building, Coventry University;

Event promotion material available via Coventry University printers;

Social networking promotion and proposals for Source CUSU Coventry University, BBC Coventry.

Methods/ forms of interpretation/ analysis to be used with the methods and resources:

 Strictly organised schedule including:

Flied research: Travel to Palestine

Academic research: based on the on-going conflict between Israel and Palestine specifically referring to children behavior, mass manipulation and propaganda, visual research from a child perspective;

Creative event organizing: 30 children from The Scouts Group in Beit Sahour

Seminar and Exhibition: presenting the current situation of children in certain areas of Palestine, exhibit the outcomes of the event organised in Beit Sahour,

Promotion:  own design of promotional material




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