Rap and its influence in Palestine (DAM)

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


Palestinian music is seen as unknown territory as there doesnt appear to be much history on it, however the industry of Rap has created and influenced a way in which palestinian citizens can express themselves and now the industry has grown to the point in which people make a living of this. Palestinian Hip-Hop reportedly really took off in 1998 when a group called ‘DAM’ lead by the artist Tamer Nafar came on to the scene. They used the genre of Rap as a platform in creating their own sub-genre of music which stems of the typical Rap style blending Arabic melodies with Rap beats. The lyrics are usualy sung in Arabic however in some cases have been seen to be sung in English and French. Since then, the new Palestinian musical sub-genre has grown to include artists in the Palestinian territories, Israel, Great Britain, the United States andCanada.


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