Ethnography research for “Race, Ethnicity, and the Gender” in Palestine (Part 1):

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

To understand the Palestine issue and the right of return, it is important to go through an analysing of the ethnographic data for the categories “Race, Ethnicity, and the Gender”, this method as was argued by Dick Hobbs can help researchers “to unpack cultures or social settings that are hidden or difficult to locate.” (Dick Hobbs, 2006)

Our team already have done a visiting to Bethlehem City, so the participant observation method will be the main method for this analysing, without ignoring the structure of cocktail of methodologies of this method, which based on historical, journals, and photographic analysing, in order to seek the meaning of social life from the everyday perspective of this society.

The categories “Race, Ethnicity, and the Gender” always have been tied with the term of discrimination, which intended to describe the real differences between group of people, this term can be useful to understand the nature of relations between the Palestinian community inside the Jewish community, also we have intended to use these categories to analyse the real life situations and the activities under the ethnographic perspectives.

There are many researches have dealt with each category separately, but the best is dealing with these categories as a whole system, according to Morgen that: “these social relations so interpenetrate that they are better understood as constituting…one another.” (Morgan, 1990), and Sacks also have argued that the relation between these categories in the analysing of data should be considered as “a part of a unitary system”. (Sacks, 1989)

The best thing to start our discussion about these categories is to bring latest good news (2014) from the Palestinian National Authority, which have decided to abolition of the religion from identity cards of the Palestinians people. (The newspaper of Palestine Pulse, 11 Feb 2014) The decision was made by the President of the State of Palestine (Mahmoud Abbas); this new law will help to prevent any discrimination between the Palestinians on the basis of “Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and the Gender”.

Palestinians show ID cards to Israeli policeman inside bus in Jerusalem.

Palestinians inside a bus in Jerusalem are showing their ID to Israeli police (photo by REUTERS, 2004)

In contrast, a report was broadcasted on the radio of Hebrew in 2012 in the state of Israel, it has revealed on some racial and discriminations aggressions among the Israeli society between Arab and Jews, and especially among the Jews themselves, which have based on “Race, Ethnicity”, and also toward the black people who came from Africa as refugees to work in Israel.



Demonstrations against African immigrants

This report has highlighted many attempts from Jews in Tel Aviv to burn some houses where some refugees from Africa live.  (Palestine Online Website, 17 May 2012)

Written by: Fatma Bensalem 


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