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The world has been reduced to one global village by the existence of diverse and vast means of communication. This is even more obvious now than it was more than two decades ago because of the emergence of new social media. As a massive number of people mostly continue to enjoy the privilege of using  the new technology and the  social  media, we need to acknowledge that a greater percentage of people have very little or even zero access to the new technology, or even, the things that we consider as our ‘rights’ such as access to Facebook or twitter.

Palestine being in the Middle East might be one of the victims of minor access to the new social media. This however might not be the back bone of the social problems there. One of the major roles of the media is to act as an intercessor between the civilians and the society. Hence, if equal opportunities are not being given to both women and men either to access the media or even to work in the media then that society is considered biased.

Palestinian women have struggled so much to have a good representation in the media and also to have equal opportunities to work in the media just like their male counterparts. Just like most women working in this field, a few years back Palestinian women did not have any voice in the media sector due to the absence of an official authority in the occupied Palestinian authority. However after the Oslo agreement and the resulting process of government, the women in Palestine have had the opportunity to engage in the media and Press occupations such as Reporters, Editors, Photographers and many more.

Radio Nissa Header

Radio Nissa FM in Palestine is one of the first women’s radio in the Middle East. This programme has been on for the last two years and it works as a platform to inspire women in Palestine and also to highlight Women’s’ Success stories. The existence of this Radio Nissa has gradually shifted the role from just being an inactive media consumer, to the active role of re-shaping the image of Palestinian women.

There have been also several instances whereby Palestinian women actively used social media such as Facebook to speak out their minds. For instance, I recently came across a Facebook page for Palestinian women known as Women for Palestine. This is a page for Palestinian women with over 7500 Palestinian women followers. These women use this page as a platform to let the whole world know when they are facing difficulties and when they are in need of aid. They also use the page to empower each other in their time of need.



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