What is Oral History

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

What is Oral History and how does individual memory play an important role

Individual memory plays an important role in social memory it develops a shared interaction between larger communal and collective groups. Maurice Halbawach developed the notion of social memory in his recent studies ‘Les cadres sociaux de la memoire’ in 1925 he suggested that memory can advance the social fluctuations around us. Fredrick Bartlett progressed this idea that memory is a collection of personal encounters where people often recollect their own memories and reconstruct them in ways to suit them often adding, removing certain events, the use of memory with regards to Israel and Palestine is that Israelis have had a chance to construct to the world their own memory of certain events whereas Palestinians have been shunned away from this. Oral history develops not only a national narrative of a country but how the country is perceived in future events. I will be looking into the case study of the 1972 Munich Massacre and how a day of bloodshed lead to a lifetime of propaganda.



By zainab Mogul oral history


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