Palestinian singer Assaf Mohammed

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Palestinian singer is uniting Palestinians everywhere, the singer who is from a refugee camp in one of the most rural parts of Palestine shined on the Palestinian singing show Arab Idol and took home a victory to Palestine. One Palestine described Assaf as “good singer” ….” All of us love him” the support that Assaf received from Palestinians was incredible however this support was not in partnership with other countries as the offer which had been given to Assaf Mohammed to sing at the World Cup has now been refused or even more harshly banned. It has been reported that the Columbian singer Shakira refused to participate in singing in the competition due to this terrible misfortune which Assaf has faced. Assaf quoted “We are searching for our rights, for peace, unity and the end of the occupation and illegal Israeli settlements,” he was quoted as saying in the same piece.

By zainab Mogul


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