Oral history – Talk with Dan Alon survivor of Munich Massacre 1972

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Interview with Munich Massacre Survivor Dan Olom
During the Munich Massacre Apartments 1 and 3 were the raided apartments where the athletes were kept hostage. Moshe Weinberg directed the Palestinian hostages straight to apartment 3 because this is where the heavyweight lifters were sleeping (Yossef Romano and Ze’ve Freidman were amongst the athletes staying in apartment 1) and may have had a better chance in fighting the Black September terrorists. In apartment 2 Dan Alon and his teammates waited and watched in silence disputing whether or not to attack the Palestinians or not. The talk which Dan Alon made in his video was based on his oral history of the events of the Munich Massacre. Dan Alon started his talk with a brief account of the night before the attacks where his fencing coach Andre Spitzer was arriving to Munich late, he was visiting his wife and newborn baby when he missed three trains to Munich eventually Andre Spitzer managed to reach Munich where he debated whether to stay in apartment 1 or 2 eventually deciding on apartment 2 it could be said that it was in his fate to be a hostage in this horrific act. During a visit to Berlin Alon noticed that 6 of the hotel staff were in fact Arab he changed his hotel immediately as the effect the Munich Massacre has created in his mind “I don’t feel secure,” says Alon, 63, a former Israeli fencing champion. “I have a paranoia that they are looking for me.” He then later went on to say “I blame the Palestinians, and I blame the Germans for the failure to [achieve the] release of the athletes,” Alon says. “But I don’t blame myself. I was only surprised that I survived.” After researching the Munich Massacre for a few weeks now watching documentaries images of Andre Spitzer standing at the window stayed in my mind as if it haunted me, they were hopeless amongst people who decided their fate. Dan Alon talked about this event with passion and that is why this speech is something I can never forget, I can never forget how the lives of innocent athletes participating in worldwide games changed their fate in a matter of hours. Dan Alon’s speech opened up another point of view for the Munich Massacre they were in the same building and heard everything which went on although I have read it there is nothing more powerful than the spoken words of this man.

By zainab Mogul


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