Luthansa Airlines a quick overlook on the aftermath

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Conspiracy – Case study one day in September
7 Weeks after the Munich Massacre, Flight 615 from Beirut to Frankfurt was hijacked by a group of Palestinian terrorists demanding the release of the Munich terrorists. The German government did not consult with the Israeli authorities before handing over the 3 terrorists however Lufthansa airlines is accustomed to take on a large number of passengers but flight 615 only took on board 12 passengers which were all men no children or women were taken on the flight. During the documentary itself the one of the Palestinian hijackers themselves revealed that the hijacking of the place was in fact a setup. The Germans believed this way that there would be no more terrorist attacks on their country


The reactions that were received by the release of the Munich terrorists (Palestinians) was as expected, the Israelis felt single-handedly betrayed by the Germans once again, all hope of the unity between the two countries on this day was lost. The Israelis believed that the Germans “Capitulated to terrorism” to save their country from being under any attack from future terrorist groups and Palestinians once again. The Germans after this event however were accused of setting up an event such as a ‘fake hijack’ to easily hand over the Palestinian terrorists was in order to not only hand them over without the world scrutinizing them but also to make an alliance with the Arab word and better their relationship with them.

By zainab Mogul


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