Lets set the scene… Munich

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

September 5th 1972 the Munich Olympics well into its second week of games, the atmosphere lively, welcoming as the athletes all in high spirits to compete in the games all in hope to remove the memories of the not so long ago Holocaust (1940s) the Germans who were trying to portray to the world that they had banished the idea of xenophobia and welcomed Israelis with open arms. The security of the athletes to this day is being questioned, Israeli head Shmuel Lalkin had questioned the safety of the athletes and believed his team would be in a location so remote they may be vulnerable for attack, although they had the word of German authorities to improve the security it is still argued today as to whether these measures were taken out or just simply ignored. German authorities had been informed on a plan attack from Palestinians and handed the case over to the secret


Rooms 101 and 103… CHECKPOINT (The account)
The night of the hostage, the Israeli Olympic team gathered for an evening of entertainment and fine dining before heading back to their rooms, Lalkins son had befriended athlete Yousef Romona and wanted to stay in his room that night however was denied permission by his father, this small denial saved Lalkins sons life. Around 4.30am (Local time) eight members of Black September made their way to where the Israeli athletes were staying, they climbed over the chain link fence and were mistaken for athletes by the Canadian Athletic team who helped them over the fence. Yossef Gutfreund was awoken by a noise at the door and saw armed men he bombarded the door, whilst this happened Tuvia Sokolovsky smashed the window and managed to escape. It was Moshe Weinberg who was shot in the mouth and forced to lead the terrorists to the other Israeli athletes. Weinberg walked past room 2 and stated that the athletes were not Israeli in room 2 but instead led them to 3 where the heavyweight champions and wrestlers were staying. Weinberg again attacked the terrorists which meant Gad Tsobari was able to escape. Weinberg was shot dead followed by Yossef Romano who tried to attack one of the gunmen. The hostages were late taken by helicopter after a failed rescue mission was taking place and shot and grenade blasted whilst in the helicopters

By Zainab Mogul


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