Omar – The first Oscar for Palestine

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last night at the Oscars its wasn’t just Americans who walked away with awards or nominations for the year’s best movies amongst them was the foreign films, one in particular was the first Palestinian film to ever be nominated for best film in a foreign language. Omar a film set in the West Bank encompasses the themes of Love, War and courage this heart touching and fist clenching film was produced with a 95 percent Palestinian cast and was funded by all Palestinian sources this is one of the first steps for Palestine to show the world they can beat whatever has been thrown at them. Although the film was categorized at ‘Palestinian’ it had to be changed to Palestinian territories due to scrutiny from pro Israelis.
“By making a Palestinian movie with crew, money, actors—it’s a step toward independence. You are saying to everybody you can be independent. You deserve to be independent.”


By Zainab Mogul


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