Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today we arrived at Tel Aviv around 3.30. After an hour of passing through checkouts we were finally able to see all that the country had to offer. At mid day we met with the ATG (alternative tourism group) in Beitsahour hall where we learnt about the wanted 18 (18 cows) even which happened in 1987. This was an event where the Israeli forces were trying to enforce their power over Palestine, this involved such things as laws that did not enable Palestinians to herd their own animals such as cows and crops this law meant that all produce that Palestinians used would have to come from Israel. As well as this schools and supermarkets were forced to be closed. Beit sahour hall had always been a place that became somewhere that was vibrant with a strong sense of community with many stores and coffee shops you would find in any other city in the world. ‘Space is not a neutral un dynamic system upon which events simply happen’ however the Israeli involvement was a way of creating a hollow space out of Beit Sahour hall by taking the self sufficiencies away from the city. Place is described as a lived, embodied experience of a space. The self sufficiencies that Beit p had shops, crops, cow further expressed this feeling of space that there was. ‘Spaces are ‘produced’ to from places.

By Nathan Hackett


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