Treasure Hunt in Bethlehem

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Key Facts: 

Location: Bethleem 

Time: Min 1 hour

Participants: 3 persons

Starting Place: ATG office, Beit Sahour

Arrival Place: Catholic Sports Centre Bethleem 

Task: Find your own way through the city and whoever reaches first the Catholic Sports Centre will be the winner. In order to make the competition complete the winner has to have a proof of globalization as many people doubt its presence in the Holy Land.


Before we share our experience we need to mention that back home in UK we have been advised not to travel alone. We are honestly sorry, but Beit Shour is the perfect example of a united community , in which everyone knows everyone and we felt safe.

We started are 4 pm. 

I have taken the classic way and asked a local to draw me a map which I can follow to get there on time.I wasn’t concentrating too much on finding the capitalist proof but more on getting there before the guys and prove my feminist power. So I got the map: Image

But little did I know about how complicated this streets are, people have told me it takes 35 minutes to get to Bethlehem by walk, so I was very optimistic and eager to win. Local people have been amazing, especially kids that walked with me for more than 20 minutes. They speak little English, I wasn’t sure how much they understood me but I know for sure they will always remember where Dracula Comes from. It took me 50 minutes to reach Bethlehem, I was exhausted, but did not want to give up in the guys favor. I found my proof as soon as I reached the city: British beer and coke sign boards  at the corner shop.


In the same time, but on different streets Jay was not having a bad time either. He was impressed by how friendly people are and to be honest, he was the luckiest and the one who got there first. He meet George, a mid twenties Palestinian guy with his girlfriend who insisted to give him a ride to the city. When they got there Jay offered to pay him or give him something in return but George politely refused saying: “No, you are a guest in my country, anything you need just let me know”. Apparently kindness and the will to help are traditional in Palestinian culture.

Jay, got there first but maybe too distracted by the conversations with George and his girlfriend he forgot about the second task. The Catholic Sports Center is not situated in the center of the city, so he did not manage to find any proof of globalization effect in the area.

Ten minutes after Jay. Nathan comes and wins the competition with a KFC sign board from the biggest shopping mall in Bethlehem:


In all this time my feminist eager to win completely disappeared as I got lost and decided to derive myself towards the best Flafel  I’ve ever eaten.  45 minutes later I see the guys waiting for me at the entry of the sports centre, of course, having a laugh about me.


The reason we have chosen this specific destination is because one of the biggest Basketball game between Beit Sahour and Palestines No. 1. We were lucky to get there on time despite my delay. The entry was based on tickets but when the people saw we are all holding media equipment they let us enter and thank us for being able to attend the event. Jay will write more about it in the following days as he covered the social sports of the area.Meanwhile, please do not be surprised to see SPRITE as the main sponsor of the game:


Written by Antonia D Hruscovschi


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