Israel and South Africa

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

So as Jay, Nathen and Antonia set off on their trip of self discovery, re imagining the reality that is Palestine. The rest of us continue with our research and preparation for their return,we continue on this road of understanding the utopian evolving within Palestine a world of which we are unaware a world of which we are given a constructed perspective through cause of moral panic and over emphasis on aspects the media believe will encourage consumer involvement. Talking of perspective 2013 saw great loss when Nelson Mandela passed away and yet evidence of knowledge and perspective still have us questioning the activities taking place in Palestine.

RIP Nelson Mandela “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestinians”

Nelson death sharpened focus on fighting this struggle that’s led against apartheid  and racism a struggle in which Palestine Solidarity Campaign plays a leading part in the UK.  Days before Mandela died, Palestinians in the occupied territories held a “Day of Rage” against Prawer Plan a policy of Israel forcibly to expel 70,000 Palestinians  from their homes and land in the Naqab/Negev. Anti occupation protestors across the west bank carried posters of Mandela during their weekly demonstrations. Israeli troops reacted by firing tear gas, stun grenades and rubber costed steel bullets into the crowds at Bil ‘in, Kafr Quddum and Nabi Saleh where they were also commemorating the death of Mustafa Tamimi who was murdered by the israeli forces in a similar rally in 2011.


Marwan Barghouti, a leader of the second intifada who was jailed by Israel in 2002, wrote an open letter to Mandela from his Cell in Handarim prison where he is serving a five year sentence saying: “During the long years of my own struggle, I had one occasion to think many time of you, dear Nelson Mandela. I think of a man who spent 27 years in prison a prison cell, only to demonstrate that freedom was within  before becoming a reality his people could enjoy . I think of his capacity to defy oppression and apartheid, but also to defy hatred and to choose justice over vengence and from within my prison cell, I tell you our freedom seems possible because you reached yours. Apartheid did not prevail in South Africa and Apartheid shall not prevail in palestine.

It was no accident when South Africans today are vocal in drawing parallels with their own past, and are at the fore front of international support for the Palestinians cause. Archbishop Desmond Tutu (image below) wrote after his visit to Israel “I am a black South African, and if I were to change the names, a description of what is happening in the Gaza strip and the West Bank could describe events in  South African apartheid”


Head of the South African Trade Unions Willie Madisha (image below) said in 2006 “The horrendous dehumanisation of Black South African during the erstwhile Apartheid years is a Sunday picnic compared with what I saw and know is happens to the Palestinian people”


Understanding perspective opens our eyes to further fields of imagination, in the field research taking place in Palestine we hope to uncover evolutionists cultures that have adopted a changed due to the environmental and social aspect a Palestine living.

By Jasjeet Singh


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