You pay, we spray – advertising campaign

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

imagesOne of the most beautiful examples of activism comes from Palestine where the activists have developed more peaceful ways of protesting. According to Cameron Shorten(2000) activists are not only social movements in which a group of individuals fight for a positive change, but it also involves a high contribution in terms of decisions from corporate institutions, government or popular large. Mass-media, owned by corporations aims to make more money by producing stories through social platforms or advertisements, all of them theoretically  fitting societies’ ethnic conduct. Media is also the most preferable tool for activists by being the most effective method to send a message. Activists create a public that fight for the same cause and strongly believe in positive change. The more they gather the more successful they became. As an example young Palestinians have found a creative method to use media, visual messages on one of the most significant symbol of power – the wall dividing Palestine and Israel. For 30$-40$, anyone around the world could ask a Palestinian to write a message with spray paint on the wall.

“Pay a Palestinian 30$ and he will write for you, with a spray can, on the wall Israel erected” Zee (2009)

A workshop in Ramallah worked with a Dutch advertising company, based in Amsterdam in order to implement a simple concept to make a connection between Palestinians and other countries.images (1)

Their inability to remove the wall comes as a humiliation that urges people of Palestine to publicly express their discontent. While Israeli claim that the wall protects them for any terrorist attack, Palestinians consider it is an illegal grab of their home land.

“You’re not only defying the existence of the wall, but you’re also showing the international community our refusal, first of all, to such a structure,” Gray(2009)

The variety of messages ordered, from poetry, marriage proposals, funny jokes or simple satires somehow changed the aspect of the concrete barriers between people. palestine2009138

The action ended us to be such a success that 550.000.000 people from everywhere around the world showed their solidarity through media. A total of 1498 messages have been written on the wall and the money covered the costs for the renovation of the PFF Youth Center in Bir Zeit.



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Written by Antonia D Hruscovschi


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