Visit Palestine vs The Guillotine

Posted: February 19, 2014 in New Perspectives: Israel/Palestine

Art is essentially the most profound expression of human creativity, both difficult to define as to asses. The artist chooses different rules and parameters which can bring an understanding of the art as result of choosing an environment along with a set of rules that determine in values are suitable to express a feeling or idea in the most efficient way possible for that environment. As general is defines by the set of rules setting the environment, visual art is an arrangement of colors, shapes or other elements that affect the sense of beauty and complete the beauty discovered in graphic or plastic objects. Generally, it is also a mean of expression and communication of emotions or idea, surrounded by a way to explore and appreciate the formal elements and representation of reality.

Posters became part of visual art for more than hundred years ago due to the evolution of art printing and color reproduction.

Either selling or simply informing they have became eye candy and one of the most popular form of contemporary art.

“Visit Palestine”, the poster designed by Franz Kraus in 1930 and second time published in 1995 by David Tartakover, comes as a valid prof of a healthy, ongoing, full of culture and history  Palestine, dating for more than a thousand years and fighting against the early Zionist propaganda efforts. Beautifully contradicting a Jewish narrative, the poster shows trim parks with green gardens, urban dwellings, and a central landmark followed by the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem.


Probably in 1930 no thought the design could be updated several decades later with the following version made by Amer Shomali:


Visiting Palestine became a challenge both for tourists as for the Palestinian citizens and represents the ongoing political issues between the two countries. The wall is symbol of the Zionist power and limitation for the previous owners of the occupied territory.

Amer Shomali’s poster won the first prize in Canada, but unfortunately could not bring the artist the well deserved recognition along with a huge amount of money he could not claim for copy writing.  Amer sold few copies of his version around and somehow his work got to Jerusalem where a printing company became rich over night by printing T-shirts, mugs or souvenirs.




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Written by Antonia D Hruscovschi


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