Never forget Gaza

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Eyes in Gaza – Mads Gilbert & Erik Fosse

The Gaza Strip one of the most densely populated places in Palestine, Gaza is also known for the youth population with 56% under the age of eighteen years. The majority of the population are refugees who came to Gaza between 1947 and 1949 and their descendants. About one million of the inhabitants are registered as refugees with the UN’s aid organisation for the Palestine refugees, UNRWA.

The landscape of Gaza is flat, distinguished by sand and sand dunes out towards the coast, sandy beaches stretch from Egypt to Israel in the north, approximatly a third of Gaza is cultivated land, dependent on groundwater irrigation and yet a depiction of Gaza is at most one huge refugee camp.

The Punishment of Gaza – Gideon Levy

September 3rd 2006 Darkness in Gaza – the re occupation of land is apparent and Gaza is in it’s worst condition ever, the abduction of Gilad Shalit an out break of Lebanon war the Israel Defence Force IDF rampage throughout Gaza killing and demolishing the origins that where Gaza. The disengagement is dead, areas if Gaza have no running water and electricity, streets begin to get filthier by the day as no salaries are being paid street cleaner sit on strike and the Gaza strip generates reminiscence of Calcutta.

Poorer and hungrier than ever, nearly no merchandise is being moved in or out fishing has been banned and the tens of thousand of PA workers receive no salaries and the possibility for employment in Israel is out of the question.


Dr Eyed Sarraj a major figure within Gaza’s society sadly died December 2013 after a longs struggle with multiple myeloma not only Gaza’s first and preeminment psychiatrist, but the

Living exemplar of an open non-violent defiance occupation.

Sarraj research and practice transformed his society’s attitudes of stigma and denial around mental illness and victims saw effective interventions changed lives that had seemed crushed, he created the Gaza community mental health programme in the 1990 and soon built a team of 40 specialists. Recognition for the programme was supported around the world and became a backbone of which Gaza is coping with. Eyed became the pr-eminent spokesperson for this grim reality and was tireless in writing and speaking to the world of what Occupation meant.

By Jasjeet Singh


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