The Art of Protesting

Posted: February 15, 2014 in New Perspectives: Israel/Palestine

Beauty in spite of death, a flower in spite of a tear gas bomb.

This is a peaceful and creative way of protesting, Palestinians put together against the cruel persecutions of Israeli government.


Twelve km West of Ramallah, Palestinians from Bil’in express their feelings in a novel form against the violent suppression, often bloody demonstrations against metal dividing wall build by the Israelis. Flowers have been planted in empty containers of tear grenades used in repressive actions. While the wall is meant to protect both Palestinian and Israeli it comes as an deceptive illusion of peace between the two nations. Palestinians claim more than half of the cultivable land belong to them and it was destroyed and sized by the construction of the separation wall. In past eight years, almost every Friday, Palestinian protest the wall, often with violent demonstrations represented by the Israeli army. Tear gas grenades are a “must” in such demonstrations and it happened many times to kill in order to complete the full manifesto. 




Gayle, D. (2013) Creative Palestinian gardener uses hundreds of spent tear gas canisters as PLANT POTS , Available at: 15th February 2014).

Veress, R. (2013) “The art of protesting: Palestinians plans flowers in tear gas bombs”, Available at: (Accessed: 15th February 2014).


Written by Antonia D Hruscovschi






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