Volvo Commercial – Palestinian Version

Posted: February 12, 2014 in New Perspectives: Israel/Palestine, Uncategorized


For those who are not familiar with Volvo’s commercial, Jean Claude Vandame does the “Epic Split” on two giant Volvo trucks on a relaxing background music.

Several Palestinian comedians have decided to make their own version of the advertisement by using a humoristic interpretation of certain issues in Palestine.

In this version a Palestinian fellow reproduces a not so perfect stunt, of 2 small cars which are pushed by his friends. The reason: there is no petrol in the city.

This is a clear and cleverly sent message for the poor conditions Palestinian have to bare in Gaza.

Proud, the protagonist does not consider Van Dame any better than him,  only the circumstances  slightly different:

“The electricity gets cut off for 12 hours. I’m Going to bed, I wake up and still the power doesn’t come back on, and the water comes when the power is cut. I miss a shower. But all this does not make Van Damme better than me. Unfortunately, we have no petrol in the city”


Now this is Chuck Norris’ version


And this is the original version



Antonia D Hruscovschi

  1. Ramona Cazan says:

    let’s make a Romanian version :))

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