Lowkey Long Live Palestine

Posted: February 12, 2014 in New Perspectives: Israel/Palestine

Lowkey Long Live Palestine 

Lowkey AKA Kareem Dennis an English Hip-Hop artist an activist of British and Iraqi origin. Lowkey is a vocal opponent of Zionism and has been become well known for his pro-Palestinian activities as a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, comparing Zionism to colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

In February 2009, he travelled to Palestinian refugee camps around the West Bank area to perform fundraising shows to help rebuild the Gaza Strip but was detained by the Israel Police for nine hours at Ben Gurion International Airport and questioned, while having his passport removed.

This song ‘Long Live Palestine’ is dedicated firstly to the people of Palestine. Lowkey is getting people to understand through the power of music the message what really is happening in the Middle East and magnifies the political issues which lead to thousand of deaths and talks regarding the invasions of Palestine by Israel.

Writen by: Jay Alom


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