Posted: February 11, 2014 in Academic Research
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What is ethnic cleansing?

Ethnic cleansing is the systematic removal of a homogenous group, it has been a dominant issue in our modernity and civilisations hope to create a democracy in society. “Ethnic cleansing is created by central to modernity that involve unexpected expectations and frustrations during which individuals are forced into a series of more particular moral choices” (Mann, 2005) During ethnic cleansing a certain homogeneous group will mobilize the targeted group out of its territory in order for a homogeneous state to elude.

Overview of the Jerusalem Wall

“In Jerusalem, a wall has been established the separates Palestine neighbourhoods from each other and servers roads from other and severs roads that connected Palestine urban and rural centres. Some communities are completely surrounded by the wall and their access is restricted and monitored” (Robert Brooks, 2009) The Jerusalem wall or the ‘Apartheid wall’ was put in place to systematically filter out Palestinians from Jewish territory in order to create an ‘Arab free’ society, although Jerusalem is divided amongst Jews and Arabs, Jews have the ruling over the city, through power Jewish authorities are still planning to expand the occupation. The wall itself has two different points of views, the Israelis refer to the wall as a “Gender HaHafrada the anti-terrorist fence as they believe it protects them from the Palestinian civilians who are to the Jews known as ‘terrorists’ the Palestinians however claim it is “jidar al-fasl al-‘unsuri, the racial segregation wall.

Introducing the weapon of destruction

Although the Apartheid wall is not a blatant weapon, it is systematically removing Palestinians and creating a suffocation of living with little territorial ground it can be argued that this is the new form of torture,  imprisoning Palestinians in a small area somewhat treating them as ‘prisoners’ in their own country. The barrier reduces freedom for Palestinians, education and medical facilities are low, restriction to water sources, road closures and reduced land, it has taken away the human rights of Palestinians on the west bank.

Power and the wall

Aside from the significance history of the wall, another fascination to the wall stems from the perception of the wall as an appropriate metaphor for the struggle of survival of the Jewish people themselves. The Romans had already burned down the temple (in 70 CE) but left the outer side of the wall sunburnt.  Extraordinarily the wall still exists and the same applies to the Jews. Therefore, there is the existence of a religious connection of the Jews with the wall and hence making it the most powerful and emotional religious site in Jerusalem. The amount of people that come to the wall to pray on a daily basis is numerous and the emotion that is shown by the people praying there is definitely out of this world. Therefore, whether a person is a Jew or not, we have realised that the amount of power that the wall holds within the Jewish society is definitely undisputable.

written by : Zainab Mogul and Cynthia Mbugua




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