BADIL Poster Contest 2013

Posted: February 9, 2014 in New Perspectives: Israel/Palestine

The Palestinian Poster project has been ongoing for many years and it encourages artist from all over the world to send their message and express their creativity regarding  the social, cultural, political, military or economic history of Palestine.

These posters became a mirror of a global narrative that perfectly combines notions in antithesis. The violence of a collective trauma is peacefully express through words and images. Palestinians who suffered the consequences of a barbaric Jewish government, have understood that raising   a white flag is meaningless compared to the clever way of expressing messages through media texts.

Every year, artists put their work together and submit their posters to different contests.

BADIL Poster Contest 2013



Abdulrahman Abu Shqair, 2013

Arms, Money, Key


Amnch Basem Haboub, 2013

Roots, Woman Labour, Olive Tree


Baha’a Omar

Two Hands, Two Religions, One Land, One Currency


Andrew Luban Gaol

Weapons, Palestinian Flag, Flower

Antonia D Hruscovschi


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