Flight Tickets for 3 Please

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Tips&Tricks


After a long group discussion and deciding who will go to Palestine we have finally made up our minds that three of us will travel to the Middle East. Of course not everyone will be able to make this trip due to various circumstances and responsibilities, however we believe three people minimum must travel in order for this trip to happen for safety reasons. The individuals who are flying out are myself, Antonia and Nathan. This is a diverse mix of ethnicity and religion which hopefully will be an advantage for us on this trip. We have a mix of Asian, Black and Eastern European ethnicity with Muslim and Christian beliefs. Our cultural baggage will play a vital role on our experience on this trip. The advantage of this being is we can hopefully use it to our benefit and see how the country and culture makes us each feel not just that but we can do experiments and see to see how we are treated due to our skin colour.

There were many obstacles in our way one of the greatest was the financial factor. Although we were applying for funding the maximum we would receive is £250 which just about covered three quarters of the cost of our flight tickets. The total of our trip cost including food, accommodation and travel is approximately £550. Considering we are students this is fairly costly well of course it would be.

Everything we have booked for this trip had to be cheap and cheerful so that there is enough money to last us to the end of the trip. The airline that we booked our tickets with is Swiss Airline. The airline will travel from Birmingham International to Tel Aviv Airport in Israel but before landing in Tel Aviv it will stop at Zurich, Switzerland. The length of this flight is estimated to take 8 hours including a 1 hour stop at Zurich airport.

The six group members who will be helping us from the UK have agreed to support the team of three flying out by contributing £30 each which totals up to  £180. This is a massive help for me, Antonia and Nathan. This will cover the cost of our transportation from Tel Aviv (Israel) Airport to our accommodation in Palestine and vise versa when we leave. The transportation company have quoted us £150 which is 864 Shekels. As we are landing in Israel at 3:30 in the morning majority of the services will be closed therefore it is vital we can get to our accommodation immediately when landing so we can prepare ourselves for the next day ready to kick start our research. This is our best option for transport to our accommodation as not many services such as buses etc. travel into Palestinian territory. However fortunately for us we will be driven to door step of our destination hopefully without any hassle at the boarder checkpoint of Palestine and Israel. Along with this majority of shops, businesses, offices, and other services are closed on Saturday in Israel because this day is the observance of Shabbat the sacred day for the Jewish community. Hiring the transportation service is a massive advantage for us because it saves us time searching specially on the day we return it will bring us to the airport in a safe time range for check in. It is an great contribution by the group.


Writen by: Jay Alom


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